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Volume 24 No. 157
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     MARK MCCORMACK, Chair & CEO of IMG, appeared on CNN's
"Moneyline" last night to discuss how the movement of franchises
effects fundamental business relations in sports.  McCormack, on
the Browns:  "You can't use yesterday's structure with today's
reality. ... The teams should have more control over their own
activities.  I think the NFL Properties concept, whereas it has
been effective, is somewhat outdated.  I think what the NFL has
got to do is take a global look at its sport.  Internationally
they have got to grow.  Twenty-five years from now, there have
got to be franchises in major cities around the world. ... I
think Jerry Jones makes a point."  McCormack, on where it will
all end:  "I'm a great supply and demand man. ... An owner has
got to make money.  The spectators have got to be able to afford
it and the salaries cannot get so high that neither of those
things can happen.  It's a balance" (CNN, 1/17).