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Volume 24 No. 156

The Back Of The Book

     Peter Gammons' list of MLB's most unlikely incentive clauses
("SportsCenter," ESPN, 1/9):
     5) Mark Davis, Marlins, $50,000 for winning the Cy Young
Award.  Gammons:  "He hasn't won or saved a game in two years";
4) Rob Deer, Padres, $50,000 for winning the Silver Slugger Award
or for being World Series MVP.     Gammons:  "He hasn't played in
the Majors in two years";  3) Steve Scarsone, Giants, $50,000 for
being the World Series   MVP.  Gammons:  "Yes, that's THE Steve
Scarsone"; 2) John Doherty, Tigers, $50,000 if he is Comeback
Player of the Year.  Gammons:  "Comeback from what?"; 1)  Jose
Canseco, Red Sox, $550,000 if he plays 130 games in the field.
     Gammons:  "Jose has played two games in the field since he
     auditioned for World Cup Soccer in June 1993" (ESPN, 1/9).