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     Oscar Meyer Foods will be sponsor of Super Bowl XXX's
halftime show, the first time that company has advertised in a
Super Bowl game, according to the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL.
James Causey notes that Oscar Meyer will also sponsor the NFL
Experience during Super Bowl week.  Ad Age estimates the deal is
worth approximately $2.5M.  Oscar Meyer will run a 60-second spot
being produced by J. Walter Thompson, Chicago (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL
     SUPER BOWL AD WATCH: All but a few of the 58 30-second units
available for NBC's Super Bowl XXX broadcast have been purchased.
USA TODAY reports each spot costs a record $1.2M, up from $1M
last year.  The companies and how many ads each has purchased:
ANHEUSER-BUSCH -- Four min. total; PLYMOUTH -- Three :30s during
1st quarter; FORD -- One :30; FRITO-LAY -- Two :30s during 1st
half; KINKO'S -- One :30 during 1st quarter; MASTERCARD -- Two
:30s during 2nd half; MASTER LOCK -- One :30 during 1st quarter;
MCDONALD'S -- One min. total; NATIONAL PORK PRODUCERS -- One :30
during 2nd quarter; NIKE -- Two :30s in 1st half, one :30 in 2nd
half; PIZZA HUT -- One :60 in first half; PRIMESTAR -- One :30 in
3rd quarter; SUBWAY -- One :30 in 3rd quarter; YAMAHA -- One :30
in 2nd quarter. NOTE:  Kinko's, Pizza Hut, Subway and Yamaha are
first-time Super Bowl advertisers.  OTHERS:
American Home Products, Johnson & Johnson, Principal Financial,
Quaker State, Toyota and Visa (USA TODAY, 1/8).
     HIGHLIGHTS: A-B will premiere a new "I love you, man" spot
featuring its "Johnny" character and Charlton Heston, as well as
Bud Bowl 8.  Deion Sanders is expected to star in at least one of
Pepsi's spots (USA TODAY, 1/8).
     FOR A SONG:  McDonald's, ESPN and several radio stations
will give away 15 pairs of Super Bowl tickets to fans who know
the "Big Mac Jingle" (USA TODAY, 1/10).