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Volume 24 No. 132


     ESPN's Dan Patrick reported the Pirates sale to Kevin
McClatchy has apparently hit a few last-minute snags, but
McClatchy said "baseball isn't going to let this thing come
undone over a couple of million dollars" ("SportsCenter," 1/9).
McClatchy is still several million dollars short of the debt-to-
equity ratio set by MLB, and some Pittsburgh Council members are
questioning his interest in staying in town if he gets MLB's
approval to buy the club (PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE, 1/10)....Snow
postponed a conference between CFL Stallions Owner Jim Speros and
Baltimore city officials to discuss the fate of the CFL champs.
Speros previously said he would keep the team in Baltimore if
20,000 fans pledged money for '96 season tickets by Monday.  The
drive only produced 13,000 ticket requests (Montreal GAZETTE,
1/10).  Speros said it would take a "stroke of luck" for him to
stay in Baltimore (TORONTO SUN, 1/10)....Raiders tickets will be
marketed much differently next season, according to the S.F.
CHRONICLE.  Meetings are planned with season-ticket holders to
address complaints and answer questions concerning group seating
and marketing strategies (S.F. CHRONICLE, 1/4)....The Sabres have
been meeting with their Canadian Advisory Board as part of the
team's continuing efforts to improve relations with Ontario fans

     Former Magic assistant George Scholz's reverse
discrimination lawsuit against the team began Tuesday in Orange
County Circuit Court.  Scholz, who is white, says he was fired in
1992 so the Magic could hire a black assistant coach to replace
him.  Dan Brodersen, Scholz's attorney :  "We feel we have an
abundance of evidence that the Magic was receiving pressure to
hire a black coach and they acted on that pressure by terminating
George."  According to the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, Brodersen also
said current coach Brian Hill and former boss Matt Goukas
confided to Scholz that the team was feeling community pressure
to add a black assistant and that they had drawn up a list of
qualified black candidates a month before Scholz was fired (John
Romano, ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, 1/10).  Among those subpoenaed to
testify in the trial, which will be broadcast on CourtTV:
Goukas, ex-Magic guard Scott Skiles, trainer Lenny Currier, Magic
President and Part-Owner Bob Vander Weide, and local sportscaster
Glen Dehmer.  Scholz, who was unable to find another job for two
years, is currently head coach at Jacksonville Univ. (Tim Povtak,

     NL President Leonard Coleman, in Houston to drum up support
for an Astros season ticket drive, hinted they might be allowed
to move to VA if projections are not met.  According to the
HOUSTON CHRONICLE, Coleman said it would be unfair to force Owner
Drayton McLane to continue assuming huge losses.  Coleman: "We
can't look at a private entrepreneur and say year after year
you've got to run up deficits. ... If Houstonians step up to the
plate, we'll be in good shape" (John William, HOUSTON CHRONICLE,
1/9).  Since McLane's November announcement that he would give
the city one more chance, only 3,500 season tickets have been
sold -- 900 of which are new orders.  The Astros need to sell
approximately 18,000 more season tickets and at least 12,000
other seats per game to meet the attendance goal of 2.5 million
fans next season (WASHINGTON TIMES, 1/10).