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Volume 24 No. 155
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     Even though the Rose Bowl has had continued success in terms
of attendance and TV ratings, officials are exploring other
revenue-generating options, according to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.
Ticket prices have nearly doubled recently from $48 to $75, and
PAC-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen said the bowl, the only major
without a corporate sponsor, is exploring the sale of limited
sponsorships.  Sponsors would be featured on TV and bowl-related
publicity.  Big Ten ADs have been discussing a revision of their
Rose Bowl agreement to make the conference champion available to
the bowl alliance if ranked No. 1 or 2, or to add the Rose to the
alliance rotation (Andrew Bagnato, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 12/20).
     CASH CRUNCH:  In Colorado, Ralph Routon writes that most
bowls "are hurting."  Overextended by team payouts, some cannot
fill stadiums with local fans due to spiraling ticket prices and
most have already sold out to corporate sponsors.  If lower-
profile bowls want to survive, Routon writes, they must convince
the NCAA to help cut payouts, lower ticket prices, and lessen
demands on teams and traveling fans (Colorado Springs GAZETTE-
TELEGRAPH, 12/10).