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     DON KING estimated that only 6,000 tickets have been sold in
Philadelphia for the Tyson-Mathis fight.  He said there will be a
blackout of Fox's broadcast in the area if he can't get around
90% of the 18,400 tickets sold (PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER,
12/13)....MIKE TYSON visited Philadelphia Mayor ED RENDELL in his
skybox at Veteran's Stadium during Sunday's Eagles-Cowboys game.
Rendell introduced Tyson as "the real world champion"
fight MICHAEL MOORER February 27 at Madison Square Garden.  BOB
ARUM said Foreman will make $10M, while Moorer will take away
$2.7M.  Foreman started his professional career at the Garden in
'68, and will be 47 at the time of what he says will be his final
fight.  Time Warner officials reportedly had to "relight the
talks" surrounding the fight, which has been on-again, off-again.
Time Warner Sports President SETH ABRAHAM said the corporation
"owed a big debt" to Foreman.  Abraham:  "Every time we've ever
asked him to a commercial, or make an appearance, he's come
through" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 12/13)...."SportsCenter" showed
highlights of PETER MCNEELEY's charity bout last night against a
Florida doctor, HERALD REITMAN, who is his 40s.  McNeeley knocked
him out at 2:32 in the first round in front of about 1,400 people
("SportsCenter," ESPN, 12/12).  CNN gave McNeeley's fight its
"Play of the Day" ("Sports Tonight," CNN, 12/12).