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Volume 24 No. 156
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     Reviews continued from media writers on Fox's experiment
using Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson serving as co-analysts
with no play-by-play announcer during Saturday's game.  In
Washington, Leonard Shapiro says to give Fox a "smidgen of
credit" for the move, but adds the broadcast "desperately needed"
someone to inform viewers of the action (WASHINGTON POST, 12/12).
In New york, Richard Sandomir calls it a "dismal
experiment/publicity stunt" (N.Y. TIMES, 12/12).  NEWSDAY's Steve
Zipay calls it a "bad" experiment and suggests increasing
graphics and turning up the audio of the stadium announcer
(NEWSDAY, 12/12).  In Dallas, Barry Horn writes "maybe
expectations were too high," and notes the idea could improve.
Or, it "may have been a one-shot deal, a gimmicky ratings grab
for what should have been a very missable game" (DALLAS MORNING
NEWS, 12/11).  In Detroit, Steve Crowe calls it a "rousing
success" -- but as "a once in a while" move (DETROIT FREE PRESS,
12/11).  In Boston, Jack Craig writes the Fox duo "ranged between
being subpar and a joke" (BOSTON GLOBE, 12/12).