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Volume 24 No. 157

Sports Media

     Re-regulation has helped The Golf Channel remarket itself,
"creating a new rate card with competitive basic and tier prices
that have helped the channel get distribution deals for more than
350,000 homes in the last two months," according to Wayne Walley
of ELECTRONIC MEDIA.  The channel has an estimated 500,000
subscribers and hopes to hit 700,000 by the end of '95.  Despite
"slow growth," Golf Channel CEO Joseph Gibbs said ownership has
been "supportive and will continue financing the service," while
Goldman Sachs has been retained to search for other investors
(ELECTRONIC MEDIA, 11/27 issue).  ProGroup Inc., makers of Palmer
clubs, has singed a multi-year ad agreement with a "significant
presence" on the TGC starting January 1.  Sources say five
different 30-second spots will air around 2,000 times during
coverage.  Arnold Palmer, a ProGroup board member, is a Golf
Channel investor (GOLFWEEK, 11/25).

     Since executives at new CBS parent Westinghouse have said
they want to return to covering the NFL, the "rumor is that the
battleground will be on 'Monday Night Football,'" according to
Steve Zipay of NEWSDAY.  ABC's NFL rights deal ends in '97, but
the network ABC "won't easily forfeit its showcase, whose ratings
consistently place it in the top 10 of all TV programs and would
bid more" than $1B to keep it.  Sources say it is more likely
that Westinghouse/CBS would "bid for the Sunday night cable
rights shared by ESPN and TNT."  CBS could offer the league "a
hefty increase and a broader reach than the cable networks"
(NEWSDAY, 11/28).

     ESPN has announced that over 70,000,000 fans have
participated in their "Football Phone-atic Sweepstakes" sponsored
by Visa -- aimed at increasing awareness for ESPN's Sunday Night
NFL Telecasts (ESPN)....DirecTV, which signed their one millionth
customer on November 2, is profiled in USA TODAY.  It will be
another year before DirecTV breaks even, with Primestar "closing
in" and new challenges from MCI-News Corp (USA TODAY,
11/28)....The recent "noteworthy spate of new sports features and
documentary work" are reviewed by Richard Sandomir of the N.Y.
TIMES.  Mentioned:  CBS' "World Ride: The Possible Dream," HBO's
"Fields of Fire," and TBS' "Idols of the Game" (N.Y. TIMES,
11/28)....Ted Turner's exclusive interview with the WALL STREET
JOURNAL was noted in many media outlets.  In Atlanta, Charles
Haddad calls it the "first of several publicity moves" to win
Wall Street support for TBS' merger with Time Warner (ATLANTA
CONSTITUTION, 11/28).  The N.Y. POST runs with the header
"Doomed?  Time Rocked by Turner Interview."  Tharp & Durie report
Turner "enraged" Time Warner execs "by apparently putting himself
in line to run the entire company" (N.Y. POST,
11/28).....Developers on the internet are examined by Dan Turner
of the L.A. BUSINESS JOURNAL.  Santa Monica-based Baby Mogul
Interactive signed a deal in late October to create a site for
the Raiders, to be supported by the team and "by many of the same
advertisers that sponsor football games on television" (L.A.
BUSINESS JOURNAL, 11/20 issue)....Reach for cable networks as of
November '95:  ESPN -- 67,248,000; ESPN2 -- 26,180,000; TNT --
65,713,000; TBS 67,029,000; and fX -- 24,029,000 (BROADCASTING &
CABLE, 11/27 issue)....A federal judge ruled yesterday that
bulletin board operators and major Internet access providers can
be held liable for copyright violations committed by one of their
users if they are aware the activity is taking place (L.A. TIMES,