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Volume 24 No. 132
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     Since the Seahawks first approached King County officials
about ways to improve the Kingdome, the Sonics have moved into a
newly remodeled Seattle Center Coliseum, and the Mariners have
been promised a $325M taxpayer-supported ballpark.  Seahawks
Owner Ken Behring:  "It seems like we're bumping our heads
against the walls, like the message is, really, that they (King
County officials), would prefer we just went away."  Tacoma NEWS
TRIBUNE's Bart Wright Behring is upset about misconceptions he
wants a new stadium, not a renovated Kingdome, and the notion
that he is more interested in leaving.  Behring:  "Moving is the
last thing you want to do, the very last thing.  Art Modell is
going to be tied up in lawsuits for years."  Behring added,
"We've been told that the word is out that it is political
suicide to be supportive of the Seahawks and I'm beginning to
think that's the truth" (Tacoma NEWS TRIBUNE, 11/27).