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Volume 24 No. 117
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     Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said yesterday he will not
support building a domed stadium downtown to keep the Bears in
Chicago, according to Kass & Pearson of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.
Bears officials had asked IL Gov. Jim Edgar to revisit his McDome
proposal -- attaching a domed stadium to McCormick Place -- but
Daley is sticking with his $156M plan to renovate Soldier Field.
Daley's comments seem to indicate "in his town it's his deal or
no deal -- even if it means the Bears moving to Gary."  City
officials have accused the Bears of using the McDome plan and
offers from Gary as "bargaining chips to extract more concessions
from the city," but Kass & Pearson note Daley "keeps his hand
strong by rejecting -- at least for now -- any alternatives" but
renovation.  Daley called McDome "unbelievable" and questioned
how the city would finance it.  Daley said "no one wants" the
Bears to leave, but stressed the renovation was "the best deal
they can have" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 11/28).