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     St. Louis officials have asked for, and received, a
postponement of a $20M payment due the league from the St. Louis
Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) for the relocation of
the Rams.  St. Louis officials will use the delay (until November
30) to petition the league to lower the fee.  NFL Dir of
Communications Greg Aiello:  "We're willing to listen to them."
The $20M was raised from the sale of PSLs and represents the
CVC's share of the $29M Rams relocation fee.  Under the owners'
approval of the Rams' move, the Rams would pay $9M over several
years.  CVC President Bob Bedell, noting that the league imposed
no relocation fee on the Raiders:  "I don't see a difference in
the circumstances."  Bedell said there has been no decision to
file suit.  Former Sen. Thomas Eagleton, who represents FANS
Inc., acknowledged non-payment could result in loss of the team
(Lorraine Kee, ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 11/16).
     ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER LAWSUIT:  Clayton Holmes, the Cowboys'
suspended cornerback, filed suit in U.S. District Court in Dallas
yesterday against the NFL and the NFL Management Council seeking
a temporary restraining order that would allow him to play
Sunday.  Holmes was suspended for violating the league's
substance-abuse policy.  He and his attorney, former NFLPA
counsel Grady Irvin, allege Holmes was the victim of an illegal
drug test by the Lions last year (Josie Karp, FT. WORTH STAR-
TELEGRAM, 11/16).
     DAILY JERRY JONES SIGHTING:  Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones was a
guest on "CBS This Morning," which was on location in Dallas
today.  Asked about his deals causing a chain reaction of
frnahcise moves:  "What's happening, although none of us like the
idea of clubs leaving cities -- that's not good for the NFL --
but what is really happening is that great new stadiums are being
built around the country for our game and for our teams."  While
Jones talked, CBS showed footage of Texas Stadium addorned with
the Nike logo.  Jones noted he is in favor of TV revenue-sharing,
adding that he couldn't change that if he wanted to becuase it
takes all 30 owners to approve a TV deal (CBS, 11/16).