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     With the soon-to-be Baltimore Browns facing the rival
Steelers on ABC's "Monday Night Football" last night, the
controversy surrounding the team's exit from Cleveland and the
ramifications for the league was a primary topic for Al Michaels,
Dan Dierdorf and Frank Gifford.  Gifford touched on the subject
during the opening, but Michaels led a full discussion during the
second quarter.  Browns Owner Art Modell did not attend, but
Michaels reported on a phone conversation held with Modell
earlier in the day.  Modell's main points (displayed on-screen):
1) "We've continuously been stone-walled and stalled by
government officials."  2) "I'm not moving to make more money,
I'm looking not to go into bankruptcy."  3) "It's been the most
agonizing decision in my professional life."  Dierdorf, on NFL
revenue-sharing:  "In the old days, what made this league strong
was that you were only as strong as the weakest member of this
league.  Right now, I'm afraid there's a mentality that's more
geared toward 'I'm out for myself' than 'I am for the league as a
whole' -- and that has got to change."  He added the move "has
shocked, not just the fans of Cleveland, this has shocked NFL
fans across the country" (ABC, 11/13).
     THIS MEANS "WAR":  A pre-game interview with Cleveland Mayor
Michael White was shown during the third quarter.  White,
clarifiying his "it will be war" statement:  "It means that we're
going to be fighting the purported move of the Cleveland Browns
on all fronts.  We've already filed in court.  We're now
preparing our submission to the NFL.  We're going to Washington
tomorrow" (ABC, 11/13).  NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue met with
OH's Senators yesterday on legislation aimed at controlling
franchise moves.  Tagliabue said Sen. John Glenn's proposal that
team names should stay behind is "definitely an idea that should
be considered" (Brad Snyder, Baltimore SUN, 11/14).
     WHAT TO DO?  In Green Bay over the weekend, Tagliabue said
of possible legal action, "I don't know yet how we're going to
handle this."  Dale Hofmann notes Tagliabue did hint at changing
revenue-sharing with the union to give owners more money to fix
stadiums.  Hofmann:  "This sounds like the baseball approach of
using the players' money to solve the owners' problems, and we
all know how that's working out" (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL,
     JONES UPDATE:  SI's Peter King reports to "look for an out-
of-court settlement by year's end" on the suit between the
Cowboys' Jerry Jones and the league.  King:  "Jones would get
something he desparately wants -- control of the Cowboy logo.
And the league would get to share all of his merchandising
revenue, probably in a split like the 60-40 way ticket money is
shared" ("MNF," ABC, 11/13).