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Volume 24 No. 117

Sports Media

     Motorola EMBARC announced its new wireless sign, The Know-
It-All, which will deliver current news and information and has
further expanded their alliance with ESPN to provide ESPN and
SportsTicker sports information.  Sports info will include the
four major leagues and Division I college basketball and
football.  ESPN GM Tom Hagopian said the sign is "another
creative way that we can help businesses develop better customer
relations, increase business and provide the information that
suits the public lifestyle."  Prices range from $40-50 per month
for the service and a one time cost between $349-2,899 for the
hardware (Motorla EMBARC).

     During their initial Raptors broadcast, Toronto's CITY/CKVR
put on "an impressive" show, according to Rob Longley of the
TORONTO SUN.  CITY was "creative in its approach," using a low-
angle shot for much of the play "plus an on-screen score clock."
Raptors Dir/Broadcasting Chris McCracken:  "We still have to work
out some kinks, but it adds something to the broadcast."  CTV's
first telecast last Friday between the Raptors and Nets drew "a
strong audience of 888,000, 6% higher than projections (TORONTO
SUN, 11/10).  The Raptors home opener Sunday drew 965,000
viewers.  CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada" pulled in 1.395 million
viewers (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 11/10)....Sunday's New York
Marathon has attracted "a dozen new sponsors, including Nike,
Tri-State Jeep-Eagle, and Breathe-Right and has sold out all of
its air time" (NEWSDAY, 11/10)....Steve Zipay reports NBC will
"likely" ask for a rebate from the NFL when the Browns move to
the smaller Baltimore market (NEWSDAY, 11/10).... "Overall
interest" in the NFL, and thus the ratings, have declined in L.A.
since the Rams' and Raiders' moves, writes Larry Stewart,
disproving speculation with no blackouts and doubleheader
restrictions, L.A. ratings might go up (L.A. TIMES,
11/10)....Seth Abraham reports TVKO's PPV totals for Bowe-
Holyfield were 650,000 (USA TODAY, 11/10)...No local Baltimore
outlets will televise Sunday's CFL Southern Division final with
San Antonio (Baltimore SUN, 11/10).

     Revenue for NBC, CBS and ABC rose 4.8% in the third quarter
to $1.62B from $1.55B last year.  The increase "chiefly reflected
a 19% jump in sports revenue."  Revenue for sports programming
increased to $248.2M over the $202.8M of last year, with the
return of MLB and a "solid" NFL schedule "contributing" (WALL