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Volume 24 No. 156


     Buick Motor Division has announced they will offer a special
edition Regal and Skylark to commemorate GM's  sponsorship of the
'96 U.S. Olympic Team and the Olympic Games in Atlanta.  The cars
will go on sale next year and will feature special trimmings,
including the Olympic rings embroidered into the headrests of the
Regal. (BUICK).
     THREE-CAR GARAGE?  While there is only one official beer
maker, burger and bank for the '96 Games, there's "a garage full"
of Olympic carmakers, according to the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER.
The report notes with no single automobile sponsor willing to pay
the $40M required for exclusivity, ACOG organizers divided the
category.  GM is the official domestic car, Nissan is the
official import sport utility vehicle, light truck and minivan,
while BMW is the official luxury car (AP/PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER,

     The USOC has announced the distribution of $1.25M in
competitive grants to community-based Multi-Sport Organizations,
Disabled Sports Organizations, and Affiliated Sports
Organizations.  Among the groups that will benefit from this
money includes the Boy Scouts of America, Blind Athletes, and
Wheelchair Sports USA (USOC)....ACOG announced the sale of the
one-millionth commemorative Olympic license plate (ACOG)....As
the holidays approach, ACOG is hoping to "propel" Olympic mascot
Izzy as a star to children ages 5-10 (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION,
11/5)....A report in TIME indicates sports not sold out for
Atlanta include soccer, baseball, basketball and softball.  The
toughest ticket was fencing, due to small venue size (TIME, 11/13
issue)....BUSINESS WEEK reports on Coke's efforts to build a
virtual reality park in Atlanta for the Games.  There plans,
however, are being held up by three business on the proposed site
of the park (BUSINESS WEEK, 11/13 issue)....A record 172 national
Olympic committees have accepted invitations to send teams to
Atlanta (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 11/1).....The Columbia STATE
reports the economic impact on the area is building as more teams
say they will train in SC (Columbia STATE, 11/1).