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Volume 24 No. 156

Facilities Venues

     Planners of the Brewers new ballpark say construction will
be done under an "absolute cost cap," according to the MILWAUKEE
JOURNAL SENTINEL.  The construction cap is $250M, while the limit
for site work is $72M.  All parties involved say if "certain
elements in the project turn out to cost more than expected,
other elements will be scaled back to avoid blowing the caps."
The Brewers affirmed they accept the caps and expect "neither the
public sector nor the club itself to put in more money than they
were committed to" (Craig Gilbert, MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL,

     Negotiations for a new Redskins stadium in MD "came to a
standstill" this weekend over a dispute between team and county
officials over the division of the costs of public improvements
around the proposed site.  According to the WASHINGTON POST, the
two sides are $15-20M apart, and tensions over that gap "were
further inflamed" by reports the NFL, "in an unrelated move, is
showing renewed interest" in putting a team in Baltimore.
Sources said it is "unlikely" enough NFL owners would support a
franchise in Baltimore, but Redskins officials are "nonetheless
outraged" and have accused state officials of "reneging on their
commitments" to pay the full cost of the site improvements.  MD
officials would spend $200M to get a team in Baltimore offering a
team "low rent and most of the revenue generated by the building"
(Pierre & Neal, WASHINGTON POST, 10/22).

     In Tampa, a study conducted by TSA Stadium Ops Dir Mickey
Farrell showed annual costs to keep a new stadium running about
$7M a year -- more than double what is being paid at Tampa
Stadium (TAMPA TRIBUNE, 10/22)....Forum Boxing is considering
moving some of their regular Monday night shows from the Forum to
The Pond of Anaheim (L.A. TIMES, 10/21)....Minneapolis
businessman Tom Scallen is reportedly trying to buy Mexico City's
Arena Football team and bring it to the Target Center
(Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE, 10/21).... Negotiations are ongoing to
would allow Dream Team III to train at a facility currently under
construction at Disney World (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 10/21)....Fox's
James Brown noted the latest proposal for a stadium in L.A. has
it being built on Veterans Admin. land near the campus of UCLA.
UCLA would share the facility with the NFL ("Fox NFL Sunday,"