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Volume 24 No. 156

Collegiate Sports

     If Tiger Woods decides to leave Stanford early and join the
PGA Tour, columnist Mark Soltau writes, "it will be the NCAA, not
school, that drives him away."  Two weeks ago, Woods went to
dinner with Arnold Palmer for a chance to "learn knowledge from
the legend," according to Woods' mother, Kultida Woods.
Unfortunately, Palmer picked up the check -- a NCAA rules
violation.  The NCAA originally ruled Woods ineligible, but later
agreed to restore eligibility if he paid Palmer back the $25.
Kultida Woods called it "harassment."  One agent predicts Woods'
worth as a pro at somewhere between $10-12M (S.F. EXAMINER,
10/22).  Woods,  asked if the incident might change his plans not
to turn pro until he graduates:  "I don't think it would, but you
never know.  It's annoying" (Pat Sullivan, S.F. CHRONICLE,