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Volume 24 No. 158
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     A commercial for the Bulls filmed last week on the floor of
the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is a key part of their new ad
campaign, according to George Lazarus of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.
The spot features Jack Sandner, Chair of the Merc, surrounded by
traders and ends with one "trader holding up two tickets to a
Bulls game."  The spot is part of the Bulls' new TV campaign by
DiMeo Rosen Partners that runs with the tagline, "The Most
Valuable Ticket in Town."  The campaign will have three different
ads and premier in November.  This was only the second time in
recent history that filming has been done on the floor of the
Mercantile Exchange, and Lazarus calls it "a pretty clever idea,
especially with the trading bit."  Bernie DiMeo, agency
President:  "We want to treat the ticket as an object of mystical
quality" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 10/11).
     CHECK PLEASE:  Key Bank of Washington is offering their
customers and Sonic fans checks bearing the team's logo.  The
exclusive deal with the team also includes a Sonics Visa card
with no annual fee.  Deborah Smith, Senior VP/Marketing for Key
Bank, said the amount invested to "secure the agreement was
private," but she added the bank is looking for 7,000 new credit
card sales as a result of upcoming promotions.  Key Bank holds
the naming rights to the Sonics' remodeled home (Graham Fysy,
     TOTAL ACCESS:  The Raptors's ticket for their November 3
debut -- which resembles a backstage pass -- is "destined to
become a collectors item" (TORONTO STAR, 10/12).
     CAN'T MAKE THE CHAMPS HAPPY:  After criticizing their new
uniforms last week, Rockets players "were slightly more reserved"
when asked about the new floor at The Summit.  The floor, with a
"rocket blasting off" from the lower sideline towards center
court, and other new aspects, was designed by the Rockets in
conjunction with the NBA's Creative Services Department.  Sam
Cassell: "I don't know what's going on in the middle of the
court.  But, hey, it's not my living room."  Ex-CBA player Chucky
Brown said it wasn't the worst floor he's seen:  "We were in
Harrisburg (PA) for a game, and there was dirt right underneath
the floor.  The Rodeo had been in town the night before, and they
just put the court down on top of the dirt" (HOUSTON CHRONICLE,