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     The announced paid attendance for Game 2 of the NLCS in
Cincinnati last night was 44,624, which is 8,328 short of a
sellout.  Reds Owner Marge Schott called the situation
"disappointing" and said that Reds fans are "spoiled."  Reds GM
Jim Bowden said, "We're the ones to blame for the empty seats.
That's a result of what we've done to the game" (Jack Wilkinson,
ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/12).  Tuesday's Game 1 featured more
than 16,000 empty seats.
     NATIONAL ATTENTION:  In New York, Anthony Gargano writes,
"There's apathy in the town Pete Rose built" (N.Y. POST, 10/12).
In Washington, Tom Boswell reacts to Bowden's statement -- "If
they don't want to come see us, we can't make them come":  "That
isn't true.  You can make them want to come.  It's called
marketing.  The Reds don't waste money on such new-fangled
notions" (WASHINGTON POST, 10/12).  USA TODAY's Tom Weir notes
Riverfront "wasn't dressed up" -- with a "bare minimum of
bunting" and no playoff logo (USA TODAY, 10/12).  USA TODAY's
Rick Bozich:  "Welcome to the No-Show" (USA TODAY, 10/12).  In
Philadelphia, Rich Hofmann writes, "You can't help be stunned by
the fragility of this sport's underpinnings right now"
(PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, 10/11).  ESPN's Gary Miller, before
last night's game:  "There are more people gathered around the
batting cage right now than there were in the upper deck in the
outfield last night."  Barry Larkin:  "People are obviously still
upset about the strike" ("SportsCenter," 10/11).
     LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE:  USA TODAY's Hal Bodley notes the
positive effect the Mariners' run is having on the game (USA
TODAY, 10/12).  In Milwaukee, Dale Hofmann notes the cancellation
of the O.J. interview, which was to compete with ABC's playoff
coverage:  "Baseball's run of buzzard luck was interrupted"