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     Dolphins LB BRYAN COX believes he was "snubbed" by owner
Wayne Huizenga when he was left out of a stock deal in that
Huizenga offered to QB DAN MARINO (MIAMI HERALD, 9/28).  Cox,
from HBO's "Inside the NFL" last night:  "Why is it when Elway,
Kelly, Marino, all of these guys are on TV yelling at guys and
they're such competitors.  When I do it, 'I'm out of control,'
'I'm a detriment to my team,' 'I'm a detriment to the league.'"
Citing a lack of leadership in the black community:  "We as black
athletes need to start taking heed to that and need to start
playing a more prominent part or role in this.  I'm ashamed of
the way black athletes are today" (HBO, 9/28)....Rangers catcher
DAVE VALLE has founded a nonprofit organization called Esperanza
International that helps Dominican women start businesses to lift
their families out of poverty (SEATTLE TIMES, 9/28)....Former
Olympic Gold Medalist PABLO MORALES is trying to make fin
swimming an olympic sport.  Morales claims the fin, which makes
swimmers move similarly to a dolphin, lowers two-footed times by
as much as 30% (SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 9/29)....USC football
coach JOHN ROBINSON on the suspension of three of his starters by
the NCAA because they allegedly received payments from an agent:
"It is disappointing to me that in a situation like this that the
consequences of this are only paid by the athlete.  The people
that perpetrate this, the agent or the runner, whoever those
people are -- they remind me of drug dealers.  They fade into the
night and nobody knows who they are or what they do"
("SportsCenter," ESPN, 9/28).
              >>>>>>>>>>>>  REMINDER  <<<<<<<<<<<<
     Keep those nominations for "Sports Industrialist of the
Year" coming!  Remember, nominees should have a clear and
definable impact on the industry, work daily to further its
strength and growth, and demonstrate creative and innovative
thought.  Nominations can be made in writing, on video or in
person.  Please submit all entries by November 3 at 5pm.