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Volume 24 No. 154
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     IndyCar Team Owner ROGER PENSKE said Monday his company is
buying 860 auto repair centers from Kmart Corp. for $112M.  The
stores will operate as Penske Auto Centers in their locations
adjacent to Kmart stores (DETROIT NEWS, 9/26)....The October
issue of CHICAGO profiles White Sox player LANCE JOHNSON and
Lance Productions, his music production company.  Johnson: "I can
now relate to some of the problems that owners go through --
contracts, overhead, frustrated employees, not to mention prima
donnas" (CHICAGO, 10/95 issue)....Devil Rays Owner VINCENT
NAIMOLI and his auto supply company, Harvard Industries, are
profiled in the current issue of FORBES (FORBES, 10/9
issue)....Dolphins Head Coach DON SHULA and Owner WAYNE HUIZENGA
are identified in SOUTH FLORIDA magazine as a figures who has
"defined the region -- and will continue to do so well into the
next millennium" (SOUTH FLORIDA, 10/95 issue)....The BOSTON
HERALD's "Inside Track" notes that PETER MCNEELEY's girlfriend
"dumped him" because she found out he was going out with a
stripper, who subsequently dumped McNeeley because "he was too
dumb for her" (BOSTON HERALD, 9/25).... DENNIS RODMAN, from an
interview with ESPN radio: "I am one of the top three draws in
the NBA.  If it's not Michael Jordan and it's not Shaquille
O'Neal, it's me" (ESPN Radio, 9/25). Former Patriot JOHN HANNAH's
investment consulting firm has been sued by the Chicago Housing
Authority.  The CHA cites the Hannah Group's failure to stop a
former CHA official from diverting pension money to phony
investments, and say that action "opened the door for others to
loot" the CHA's pension fund (BOSTON GLOBE, 9/26).
     CORRECTION:  Lawrence Taylor is not implicated in the filing
of administrative proceedings by the SEC against the former
president and two traders of a now-defunct brokerage firm that
bought Taylor's company, All-Pro Products, in '93.  The men are
accused of manipulating the price of the company's stock.  THE
DAILY regrets the error.