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Volume 24 No. 117

Sports Industrialists

     DEAN DILTZ has joined ESPN as Senior Publicist in the
communications department.  He comes to ESPN from the PAC-10
where he was Assistant PR Dir (ESPN)....DOMINIQUE MCAREE has been
named Advertising Director at "Bicycling Magazine" (INSIDE MEDIA,
9/20 issue)....JIM FOSTER, former Arena League Commissioner and
now President of the AFL Iowa Barnstormers, has been named the
league's Executive of the Year (AFL)....The Devil Rays named BILL
LIVESEY Dir of Player Personnel.  Livesey was fired by the
Yankees last week after 18 years (ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, 9/26).

     Jets GM DICK STEINBERG died yesterday at the age of 60 after
a nine-month battle with stomach cancer.  Steinberg came to the
Jets in '89 after helping build Super Bowl teams in Los Angeles
and New England.  Giants GM George Young: "He was respected by
everyone in the personnel community.  He never bad-mouthed
anybody; he just did his job.  He was very competitive,
competitive in a quiet way."   Steinberg "showed how to handle
adversity with class," writes NEWSDAY's Rich Cimini (NEWSDAY,
9/26).  Former Rams exec Steve Rosenbloom:  "There aren't very
many like him around anymore" (L.A. TIMES, 9/26).  Columnist Jay
Greenberg, on Steinberg's battle with cancer: "Steinberg
continued to come to the office anyway, without his hair, without
his appetite, without complaint" (N.Y. POST, 9/26).

     IndyCar Team Owner ROGER PENSKE said Monday his company is
buying 860 auto repair centers from Kmart Corp. for $112M.  The
stores will operate as Penske Auto Centers in their locations
adjacent to Kmart stores (DETROIT NEWS, 9/26)....The October
issue of CHICAGO profiles White Sox player LANCE JOHNSON and
Lance Productions, his music production company.  Johnson: "I can
now relate to some of the problems that owners go through --
contracts, overhead, frustrated employees, not to mention prima
donnas" (CHICAGO, 10/95 issue)....Devil Rays Owner VINCENT
NAIMOLI and his auto supply company, Harvard Industries, are
profiled in the current issue of FORBES (FORBES, 10/9
issue)....Dolphins Head Coach DON SHULA and Owner WAYNE HUIZENGA
are identified in SOUTH FLORIDA magazine as a figures who has
"defined the region -- and will continue to do so well into the
next millennium" (SOUTH FLORIDA, 10/95 issue)....The BOSTON
HERALD's "Inside Track" notes that PETER MCNEELEY's girlfriend
"dumped him" because she found out he was going out with a
stripper, who subsequently dumped McNeeley because "he was too
dumb for her" (BOSTON HERALD, 9/25).... DENNIS RODMAN, from an
interview with ESPN radio: "I am one of the top three draws in
the NBA.  If it's not Michael Jordan and it's not Shaquille
O'Neal, it's me" (ESPN Radio, 9/25). Former Patriot JOHN HANNAH's
investment consulting firm has been sued by the Chicago Housing
Authority.  The CHA cites the Hannah Group's failure to stop a
former CHA official from diverting pension money to phony
investments, and say that action "opened the door for others to
loot" the CHA's pension fund (BOSTON GLOBE, 9/26).
     CORRECTION:  Lawrence Taylor is not implicated in the filing
of administrative proceedings by the SEC against the former
president and two traders of a now-defunct brokerage firm that
bought Taylor's company, All-Pro Products, in '93.  The men are
accused of manipulating the price of the company's stock.  THE
DAILY regrets the error.