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Volume 24 No. 112
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     The dual-channel experiment on Tuesday's Phillies-Marlins
game by PRISM and SportsChannel Philadelphia had many voting for
the "conventional" broadcast.  While the game was shown regularly
on PRISM, SportsChannel featured a "three-screen" broadcast
offering insights into coaching and managerial strategy.  Sam
Donnellon writes, "Instead of making us feel like we were there,
the multiscreen approach often created a lack of intimacy, and
perspective. ... But give SportsChannel credit for trying
something new in a sport dominated by ideas older than infield
dirt" (PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, 9/20)....International Figure
Skating magazine plans to go public and offer shareholders a
chance to control one-third of the business.  $50 will buy a
lifetime subscription to IFS and 100 shares (INSIDE MEDIA
ONLINE)....The boards of Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner meet
in New York today to consider the proposed $8B merger.  The best-
case scenario could have both boards approving the deal tomorrow
(N.Y. POST, 9/21).  According to the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, TCI
Chair John Malone would receive Turner's 44% stake in SportSouth
as part of his compensation as a 21% shareholder in TBS (ATLANTA