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Volume 24 No. 113


     IOC Chair Richard Pound has given ACOG President Billy Payne
"less than a week to force city officials to back off a plan" to
sell signs and vending licenses to rivals of Olympic sponsors,
according to the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.  Pound:  "Our instruction
to Billy is this is a problem which has come up on his watch and
he needs to get it solved."  Pound added that "it is not
something the IOC would want to be forced to take action on."
Payne said he has spoken with Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell and
they will "personally work it out if necessary" (ATLANTA

     NBC's bid for the 2000 and 2002 Olympics "looks
astronomical," but can "easily be a financial winner," according
to Chuck Ross of INSIDE MEDIA.  Sources say NBC "could bring in
about" $750M for the '96 Games, which includes ad packages sold
by both the network and NBC's six owned-and-operated stations.
After deducting production costs and the $456M NBC paid for the
Atlanta rights, the network "could still add more than $200
million to its bottom line."  Sources say that the "big key" for
NBC recouping its money for the 2000 and 2002 Games is the owned-
and-operated stations (INSIDE MEDIA ONLINE, 9/19).