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Volume 24 No. 113
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     JACK NICHOLSON was spotted at the Woodward Stakes on
Saturday ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 9/16)....New Boston Garden Corp.
President LARRY MOULTER is the subject of the BOSTON GLOBE SUNDAY
MAGAZINE's cover story.  Moulter is described as an
"orchestrator" who coaxed "dissonant soloists to play in harmony"
in the development of the new FleetCenter. Moulter has stressed
the need for a more audience-friendly environment and makes his
workers pledge allegiance to the "Church of the Everlasting
Change."  Jack Connors, who heads Boston ad agency Hill Holiday
Connors Cosmopoulos:  "If I were Disney, I'd go after him"
(BOSTON GLOBE, 9/17).... Senior PGA star CHI CHI RODRIGUEZ is
upset about the use of his name in the new movie "To Wong Foo
..."  Rodriguez is suing the production company and Universal
Pictures because one of the characters -- a drag queen -- is
named Chi Chi Rodriquez.  The character, played by JOHN
LEGUIZAMO, engages in numerous "disreputable acts," according to
the golfer's lawyers, and "is portrayed as sexually promiscuous."
The suit aims to prevent the movie from being shown using the
Rodriguez name (L.A. TIMES, 9/16)....Rangers Fan STEPHANIE GLAZER
of Queens, NY, is suing the club and accusing them of gender bias
after she was kicked out of Madison Square Garden last year for
using "unfeminine" language.  Glazer says a Garden usher ejected
her for using foul language yet ignored several male fans using
similar diction (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 9/16)....Fox NFL Sunday"
examined whether EMMITT SMITH should get DEION SANDERS-type
money.  JIMMY JOHNSON:  "Jerry Jones will never pay Emmitt Smith
what he deserves."  TERRY BRADSHAW: "His only chance to get this
kind of money is to, after this season, hold out" (Fox,
9/17)....The Greater Boston Business Bureau will honor John
Hancock exec DAVID D'ALESSANDRO for helping to restore the Boston
Marathon and to bring the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials to
Boston (BOSTON GLOBE, 9/16).... Chicago's WMVP Radio reported
that KEN GRIFFEY, JR., has been offered $12M for one season by a
Japanese League club to play in the Far East after his current
contract expires in '96 (ESPNET SportsZone).  On ESPN's "Sunday
Conversation," Griffey said Seattle can support major league
baseball with a new stadium.  Griffey:  "If we get a new stadium
I'll stay there" ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 9/17)....36 House and
Senate members have entered the Nike Capital Challenge three mile
race Wednesday.  Included in the field are Senators DON NICKLES,
STEVE LARGENT.  The race is expected to raise $4,000 for DC
Special Olympics (Nike Capital Challenge)....Penn State football
coach JOE PATERNO is profiled in the latest issue of TIME.  The
article talks about Paterno's emphasis on academics as well as
football (TIME, 9/25 issue).