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Volume 24 No. 155
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     New methods of advertising through digitalized electronic
billboards and rotating signs at sports events are profiled by
Richard Sandomir in today's N.Y. TIMES, with a focus on the
technology "competition" between Princeton Electronic Billboards
(PEB) and Scidel Technologies of Israel.  In test footage of a
tennis match, Scidel had stationary ads with corporate logos
inserted in the service courts, doubles alley, and backcourts.
While Dorna USA "dominates the market" for in-stadium rotational
signs (full-season contracts with the major leagues run around
$200,000), PEB and Scidel are "counting on electronic advertising
to generate far more revenue than its mechanical counterpart."
Scidel has shown tape of its system to networks and advertisers,
but acknowledges being "behind" PEB in development."  The two
outfits are "carving different niches" -- PEB is looking to be in
the "existing billboard segment," while Scidel wants to "insert
signs and logos onto the floors of stadiums and arenas" (N.Y.
TIMES, 9/14).