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Volume 24 No. 116
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     At the PGA Int'l Golf Show, Cobra President Mark McClure
"seemed exasperated" with talk of a possible purchase by American
Brands.  McClure said, "No comment. Next subject" when questioned
on a possible deal.  Also from Las Vegas, word is Head Sports
Golf Division VP John Hoeflich, Sales Dir Wes Whittingham and
Product Manager John Cable are "expected to buy the company's
inventory.  They will be looking for financing to continue
operations."  Head had stopped production due to money problems
with parent, Head Tyrolia Mares (GOLF WEEK EXTRA, 9/14).
American Brands is profiled by Suzanne Oliver of FORBES magazine.
"Like the rest of the country, American Brands is giving up
smoking and taking up golf."  Michael Magerman, CEO at Tommy
Armour Golf, is also featured in the current FORBES.  His
"mission" is to "jump-start" sales that are "dwarfed by
competitors Cobra and Calloway.  So far he has switched ad
agencies and is exploring new channels of distribution" (FORBES,
9/25).    ON THE AIR:  NBC will begin selling commercial time for
its broadcasts of the '96 PGA Tour, according to INSIDE MEDIA.
and CBS will be seeking "renewal deals with the original
sponsors" of their President's Cup broadcast.  Several sports
media analysts "foresee another robust golf marketplace ...
fueled primarily by the manufacturers of golf clubs, balls, shoes
and apparel."  But some warn with the '96 Olympic Games, "money
that traditionally heads golf's way may be derailed along the
route."  Buyers have "warned their network counterparts: If rates
continue to rise too sharply, your three-plus golf ratings will
look even more meager, and you may just price yourself out of a
sale" (Brockinton & Reynolds, INSIDE MEDIA, 9/19 issue).