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Volume 24 No. 114
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     Two WI Senate leaders yesterday offered to work out
"financial incentives" to help the Brewers pay for a new stadium
downtown, but Brewers Owner Bud Selig said "the site issue had
been decided," according to Steven Walters of the MILWAUKEE
JOURNAL SENTINEL.  Selig added that the team was "in the eighth
or ninth inning" of getting the Legislature to approve a new
$250M stadium on part of the current site.  New support for a
downtown stadium came from Senate Majority Leader Michael Ellis
and Asst. Senate Majority Leader Margaret Farrow.  Walters
reports the current stadium plan "does not have enough votes to
pass the Senate yet."  Ellis claims if a downtown site were
considered, he would support the Brewers owning the stadium
"outright," with the team receiving all revenues from concerts
and other events and a special "tax incremental financing"
district which would allow taxes collected on all improvements
within that area to pay for the stadium (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL
SENTINEL, 8/30).