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Volume 24 No. 112

Facilities Venues

     Two WI Senate leaders yesterday offered to work out
"financial incentives" to help the Brewers pay for a new stadium
downtown, but Brewers Owner Bud Selig said "the site issue had
been decided," according to Steven Walters of the MILWAUKEE
JOURNAL SENTINEL.  Selig added that the team was "in the eighth
or ninth inning" of getting the Legislature to approve a new
$250M stadium on part of the current site.  New support for a
downtown stadium came from Senate Majority Leader Michael Ellis
and Asst. Senate Majority Leader Margaret Farrow.  Walters
reports the current stadium plan "does not have enough votes to
pass the Senate yet."  Ellis claims if a downtown site were
considered, he would support the Brewers owning the stadium
"outright," with the team receiving all revenues from concerts
and other events and a special "tax incremental financing"
district which would allow taxes collected on all improvements
within that area to pay for the stadium (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL
SENTINEL, 8/30).

     In her "Private Sector" column in the BOSTON GLOBE, Joan
Vennochi examines the transformation employees of the new
FleetCenter are undergoing as they move over from the old Boston
Garden.  In preparation of the FleetCenter's opening next month,
"the crusty old guard at Boston Garden is being handed a new look
-- rugby shirts and chinos for concession workers -- and will be
asked to come to work with a smile instead of a snarl."  At a
recent workshop, workers were told to "forget their old job
description" -- they are all "entertainment-enhancers and
coworkers."  FleetCenter VP of Human Resources Patricia Murphy,
on Delaware North Chair Jeremy Jacobs, who owns the bruins and
the new building:  "The chairman wants Disney" (BOSTON GLOBE,

     The Rams are "relatively close" to a deal with TWA under
which the airline would pay "millions of dollars" for naming
rights to the new domed stadium, according to William Freivogel
in today's ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH.  Rams President John Shaw:
"We have been negotiating with them, but haven't got a deal yet.
We could announce it anywhere from the next two to four days."
Shaw said the deal "picked up some momentum" after the airline
got out of bankruptcy court last week.  Shaw declined to discuss
how much the deal could be worth or the issues which remain to be
resolved (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 8/30).

     The Georgia Dome was declared safe yesterday and will be
ready to host the Falcons home opener on Sunday (ATLANTA
CONSTITUTION, 8/30)....Heeding the advice of its attorneys and
"spurning a plea" from the New Orleans Zephyrs, the Superdome
Commission voted 7-0 Monday to put a 10,000 seat minor-league
ballpark in East Jefferson out to bid again (New Orleans TIMES-
PICAYUNE, 8/29)....The ThunderDome is reportedly interested in
hosting the ACC basketball tournament (ST. PETERSBURG TIMES,