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Volume 24 No. 159
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     St. Louis has mascot mania.  Jeff Gordon of the ST. LOUIS
POST-DISPATCH writes, "In an otherwise bleak season, one long-
maligned Cardinals performer finally has come into his own" --
Fredbird, the Cardinals mascot.  Fredbird, once "pretty lame,"
now is finding more success and fan acclaim. Cardinals President
Mark Lamping:  "As long as what he does is well received by fans,
he can do it."  Gordon writes the "real key ... is that
management lets Fredbird be Fredbird."  Billy the Marlin is
rooting for his colleague:  "We try to get people in that make
believe world.  I mean Billy the Marlin is really a walking fish.
Sometimes you do crazy things" (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 8/24).
     BEHAVE YOURSELF, PHANATIC-SAN:  The Phillies received a
notice from the league office to remind the Phanatic "not to
perform any stunts that might be offensive" to Hideo Nomo or the
"large number of Asian-Americans" expected to attended tonight's
Dodger/Phillies game (L.A. TIMES, 8/25).
     JAY'S WAY:  In Seattle on Wednesday, Buhner's Buzz Night saw
over 611 fans, including at least two women, get their heads
shaved in honor of rightfielder Jay Buhner.  The newly bald fans
received free tickets to sit in right field. Buhner called it
"the perfect opportunity to get in on the grunge look.  It's
pretty flattering that someone would actually want to have my
bald look."  Despite their hero going 0-4, Buhner's fans were
heard to be screaming:   "We've got bald heads, yes we do.  We've
got bald heads, how 'bout you!" (Gary Brooks, TACOMA NEWS
TRIBUNE, 8/24).