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Volume 24 No. 116
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     The Packers have filed a $1.5M grievance against hold-out
tight end Keith Jackson and the NFLPA.  Jackson's attorney called
it a "thinly veiled threat designed to persuade him to report"
(MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 8/24). ...Arena Football is profiled
by Roger Thurow in this morning's WALL STREET JOURNAL.  Thurow
writes Arena football "has grown up to become a respectable
commodity, particularly sought after by owners of professional
teams in other sports who also own arenas they need to fill
during the summer" (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 8/24)....NEW YORK
magazine's Richard Turner writes on the state of horse racing:
"Telegenic and interactive, horse racing looked like a sure bet
in the dawning electronic age. But it was passed in the stretch"
(NEW YORK, 8/28 issue)...MLB's Public Relations Manager Jim Small
was interviewed by KYODO NEWS.  Small spoke on Hideo Nomo and
suggested a baseball "World Cup" with a U.S. team playing other
nations in an int'l tournament (KYODO NEWS, 8/24).