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Volume 24 No. 160

Facilities Venues

     Milwaukee County property taxes "would likely be tapped" to
repay $18M borrowed to finance infrastructure related to a new
Brewers stadium, according to Gretchen Schuldt of the MILWAUKEE
JOURNAL SENTINEL.  Milwaukee County Board Finance Committee Chair
Richard Nyklewicz "hinted" at a possible referendum on the
stadium.  Nyklewicz noted that they will wait to see "what the
Legislature does" before making any decision (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL
SENTINEL, 8/25).  Opponents of the stadium argued yesterday that
the price of a new stadium would increase when interest costs are
added. Critics charges that under the funding structure being
pushed by the team and WI Gov. Tommy Thompson, costs would triple
with taxpayers liable for $530M of the estimated $750M tab

     The Cowboys and Irving city officials are close to ending a
two-year legal spat over whether the city is entitled to nearly
$1M in revenue from luxury boxes that Owner Jerry Jones built
with his own money (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 8/23)....A study by Lake
Forest College Prof. Rob Baade claims that a pro team "does not
bring new money into a community at a rate that offsets the costs
of construction and upkeep of a stadium" (K.C. STAR,
8/24)....Seattle Mayor Norm Rice continued his support of a new
Mariners stadium calling it "vital to the regional economy."
Rice was joined by Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, who told of the
effects of Coors Field on Denver (SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER,
8/25).... Stars President Jim Lites and Mavs Owner Don Carter
still differ on the timeframe for and location of a new arena.
Lites forecasts a '98-99 target date for a suburban arena to co-
house his team, while Carter recently "circled" the '99-2000 NBA
season as the earliest for a new facility in downtown Dallas