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Volume 24 No. 156


     Oakland Coliseum Board Member Dennis Cuneo yesterday
announced that Muhleman Marketing, Inc., of Charlotte, NC, has
been retained to oversee the marketing efforts of the Oakland
Football Marketing Association.  Marc Ganis will now assume the
role of Senior Policy Advisor (OFMA).
     BAY AREA ROUND-UP: In Oakland, David Li writes, "With less
than three weeks remaining until the Oakland Raiders kick off the
regular season, Coliseum officials Wednesday handed their
troubled sales program to North Carolina sports marketing whiz
Max Muhleman."  Hoping to "quell" complaints from ticket-buying
fans, Muhleman vowed to sell all tickets and protect taxpayers
from stadium costs:  "We believe it will happen.  This is going
to be a dynamite package."  At least 80% of the PSLs must be sold
before the '96 season to retire the $225M in bonds (OAKLAND
TRIBUNE, 8/17).  A report in the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE noted,
"A new marketing team brought in to stem a rising tide of anger
and confusion over the Oakland Raiders' ticket plan attempted
yesterday to shore up public confidence but failed to directly
address concerns about whether the sales were producing promised
revenues" (SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, 8/17).
     NOT THE FALL GUY:  Ganis has denied being a "fall guy" in
the Raiders' PSL campaign, according to the SAN JOSE MERCURY
NEWS.  Ganis: "That would infer that I'm being pushed out and
there's no pushing out here. ... I asked for this.  I'm more into
the policy and strategy mode" (Kouty & Witt, SAN JOSE MERCURY
NEWS, 8/17).

     Local Winnipeg business leaders have already begun meeting
to discuss purchasing an IHL franchise for the city, according to
the WINNIPEG FREE PRESS.  Jets President Barry Shenkarow: "I have
said I would lend help in making that kind of thing happen."
Local sports entrepreneur Jeff Thompson said he is part of a
group that has talked with not only the IHL, but also the Western
Hockey League.  John Douglas and Paul Samyn report that Winnipeg
may already be on the IHL's expansion list, and that a Winnipeg
team could "trigger" a Canadian Division in the IHL to include
Halifax, Toronto, Saskatoon and Quebec City, which has been
awarded a franchise for the '96 season (WINNIPEG FREE PRESS,
     BACK TO THE JETS:  Winnipeg Mayor Susan Thompson yesterday
met with local officials on how to keep the Jets' losses (which
are taxpayer-backed) at a minimum this year, according to the
WINNIPEG FREE PRESS.  The mayor also has meetings scheduled with
Manitoba Finance Minister Eric Stefanson and other senior
provincial officials.  Noting that the taxpayers can't afford a
"lame-duck season," Thompson added, "The reality is, we need a
filled arena for every game" (Nick Martin, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS,