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Volume 24 No. 113

Collegiate Sports

     Maryland's home football game this season against Florida
State will be moved to Joe Robbie Stadium in return for a $1M
"payout" by Carquest Bowl officials, according to today's
WASHINGTON POST.  Maryland AD Debbie Yow said that moving the
game is a "one-time deal" and would net the school about $400-
500,000 more than if the game were played at home.  Carquest
reportedly is "attempting to stage" an annual regular season game
by "enticing teams to move home games."  Duke has already moved
their game against FSU to the Citrus Bowl and will net about
$400,000 more than they would at home (WASHINGTON POST, 7/28).
Yow also reported yesterday that "for the first time since 1984,"
Maryland was able to balance its athletic budget (Baltimore SUN,
     L.A.'S FOOTBALL VACUUM:  Without the Raiders and Rams in
town, the USC and UCLA football programs are undertaking
"aggressive" marketing campaigns.  USC plans billboard, TV and
radio ads throughout Southern CA to "address jilted pro football
fans in a tongue-in-cheek manner."  USC also plans to mail
ticket-order packages to former Raider and Ram season-ticket
holders.  Prime Sports Network is already airing a spot promoting
the Bruins by "capitalizing on the NFL's departure" (L.A. TIMES,
     CLOUDY PICTURE:  The Sun Bowl is reportedly considering
reducing payments to participating teams from $1M to $750,000.
The Bowl is reportedly "financially strapped" by its lack of a
title sponsor (WASHINGTON POST, 7/28).