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Volume 24 No. 114

Sports Media

     US West is in talks to buy a 40% stake in Cablevision
Systems Corp., the U.S.'s 6th largest cable operator, operator of
regional sports channels and part-owner of MSG with ITT.  The
deal would be for about $600M, according to the WALL STREET
JOURNAL.  The investment would affect US West's restructuring of
its relationship with Time Warner (US West owns 25% of Time
Warner's cable and entertainment franchises), but a combination
with Cablevision "would create a potent cable-telephone player
with a broad reach into contiguous markets" (WALL STREET JOURNAL,
7/21)....In Toronto, Rob Longley examines Molson's decision to
move the Maple Leafs to FM station, Q 107.  The "tremendous value
is as a marketing vehicle for the brewery," with the rock station
attracting a younger audience (TORONTO SUN, 7/21). ....The WALL
STREET JOURNAL's Kevin Goldman examines ad sales for the upcoming
NFL season, reporting that the Super Bowl is already "well sold
out," according to SFM Media Senior VP Ray Dundas.  NBC is said
to be getting prices of as much as $1.2M per 30-second, a 9% rise
over last year's $1.1M (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 7/21)....Frank
Herzog, Sonny Jurgenson and Sam Huff will be back doing Redskins
games when the team moves to WJFK-FM (WASHINGTON POST, 7/21)....
The ATP Tour has officially launched its Web Site, ATP Tour
Online.  Address:  http:// (ATP Tour)....America One
Television has added "FastPitch USA" to its lineup of
programming, which the network provides to independent stations
(America One)....The different cover boys for SI's 12 regional
issues of its NFL '95 special issue -- the "first-ever annual
published by SI":  Troy Aikman/Steve Young, Bruce Smith, Kerry
Collins, Chris Zorich, Brett Favre, James Stewart, Drew Bledsoe,
Dave Brown/Mo Lewis, Tim Brown, Ricky Watters, Kevin Greene and
Jerome Bettis (SI).

     Officials from Westinghouse and CBS are meeting this morning
"to negotiate the terms of a formal takeover offer that
Westinghouse hopes to make for CBS within the next several
weeks," according to today's N.Y. TIMES.  Geraldine Fabrikant
notes that some "key issues remain unresolved," including price
and the speed at which the transfer could win FCC approval.
Westinghouse "wants to avoid a bidding war," but there is
"speculation that another bidder might emerge."  Seagram's was
said to be considering swapping its 15% stake in Time Warner for
Time Warner's holdings in Turner Broadcasting (N.Y. TIMES, 7/21).
The N.Y. POST notes rumors that Ted Turner and TCI's John Malone
are said to be teaming, while Seagram's/MCA head Edgar Bronfman,
Barry Diller and Disney's Michael Eisner are also mentioned as
possible bidders (Greg Clarkin, N.Y. POST, 7/21).  The FINANCIAL
TIMES reports that Westinghouse is seeking an "agreed bid" in
order to "shut out" any rival bidders (Richard Waters, FINANCIAL
TIMES, 7/21).  The WALL STREET JOURNAL profiles Westinghouse CEO
Michael Jordan, whose "frustration" in reviving the company led
to a decision on a "new course" (Raju Narisetti, WALL STREET
JOURNAL, 7/21).

     As expected, coverage of the World Series will be split
between The Baseball Network's two broadcast partners, ABC and
NBC, as will the League Championship Series and the Divisional
Playoffs.  ABC gets Games 1,4 and 5 of the World Series, NBC gets
Games 2,3 and 6.  The coverage of a possible Game 7 will be
determined later if necessary (The Baseball Network).  TBN
President Ken Schanzer said the Game 7 decision "might well be a
coin flip.  We don't want to trivialize it, but that's what it
might come down to" (Mike Bruton, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, 7/21).
Schanzer:  "Baseball will benefit from cross promotion on the top
two broadcast networks" (Prentis Rogers, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION,
7/21).  NBC's Bob Costas:  "I've already promised Al (Michaels)
that I'll tape 'Seinfeld' and 'Friends' for him while he's doing
Game 5, if he'll tape 'Home Improvement' for me while I'm doing
Game 3" (USA TODAY, 7/21).  Barry Horn in Dallas and Steve Nidetz
in Chicago both called it a "Solomon-like decision" (CHICAGO