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Volume 24 No. 156

Leagues Governing Bodies

     NBA players would be "crazy" to disband the NBPA, according
to Spurs forward Sean Elliott in this morning's SAN ANTONIO
EXPRESS-NEWS.  In a report by David King, a number of NBA
players, in San Antonio for a golf tournament sponsored by the
David Robinson Foundation, criticized attorney Jeffrey Kessler
and players seeking to decertify the union.  Elliott:  "A lot of
guys were told that decertifying would be the best thing for us
in the long run, but that's just not right.....I went in to talk
to my attorney about this, and he's an expert in antitrust law.
He's tried several antitrust cases in court, and he said this
would be a mistake.  These guys are guaranteeing that something
will happen in court, and you just can't do that."  The Nuggets'
Dale Ellis:  "Apparently, these people didn't learn a lesson from
what happened in baseball.  There's a small group of agents who
have a lot to do with guys not wanting to accept the deal, with
things like a rookie salary cap.  Those guys have made millions
in the last few years with rookies."  More Elliott:  "I can't
believe these guys didn't see what Major League Baseball and
hockey did to themselves.  I can't believe they didn't see it.
It's crazy" (David King, SAN ANTONIO NEWS-EXPRESS, 7/18).