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Volume 24 No. 117

Sports Industrialists

     Indians DENNIS MARTINEZ is profiled in the N.Y. TIMES as a
"possible future President" of Nicaragua (N.Y. TIMES,
7/11)....Yankees Owner GEORGE STEINBRENNER was selected by FL
Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford to head the Florida State
Fair Authority (TAMPA TRIBUNE, 7/11)....DAVID LETTERMAN's
Bangladeshi pals MUJIBUR and SIRAJUL are in the Dallas area to
cover the All-Star Game for the "Late Show."  (DALLAS MORNING
NEWS, 7/10)....AD AGE's "On A Roll" profiles MLB Project Manager
GAIL HUNTER.  Hunter's tip for event marketing:  "Completely
immerse yourself in the community where your event is held."  Pet
Peeve:  People who assume they're like the NFL Experience (AD
AGE, 7/10).
Thought it was French Open where they just surrender the
championship to you; 9)  Who can concentrate when you're standing
opposite hunky Pete Sampras? 8)  Didn't want to spoil the cool
"Three-Pete" headlines; 7)  Shouldn't have trained with that
"Dorf on Tennis" video; 6)  Was just giving her a ride to the
corner for God's sake (that's a Hugh Grant excuse); 5)  Had the
feeling Dick Enberg was undressing him with his eyes; 4)  Prince
Charles' ears kept blocking the sun; 3)  Hard to concentrate with
Marv Albert shouting "Yes"; 2)  Distracted by Fergie making out
with ball boy in royal box; 1)  Three words:  Grass stained
balls! ("Late Night," CBS, 7/10).