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     The Devils completed a 4-0 sweep of the Red Wings Saturday
night, making them the first pro team from NJ to win a
championship.  However, post-game reaction centered as much
around where the team will play next season as how the Devils'
neutral-zone trap smothered the Wings.
          JERSEY CONCERNS:  In the wake of the post-Cup hangover,
     the Devils should be concerned about their financial ability
     to re-sign the core of their team, writes Larry Brooks in
     the N.Y. POST.  Brooks:  "The commissioner's a bottom-line
     guy.  It's time for him to broker the deal that improves the
     Devils' bottom line, in New Jersey" (N.Y. POST, 6/24).  NHL
     Commissioner Gary Bettman:  "Keeping the team and having it
     emasculated, a la the San Diego Padres, doesn't do it.  You
     want to keep this team in its current form if it's going to
     stay in New Jersey" (WFAN-radio, 6/25).  This morning's N.Y.
     DAILY NEWS' back-page headline:  "WHAT NOW?" with a picture
     of the Devils hllding the Cup (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 6/26).
          FIRST FAN:  NJ Gov. Christine Todd Whitman rushed to
     Devils Owner John McMullen's box after the victory with
     congratulations (N.Y. TIMES, 6/26).  Whitman indicated later
     that "the chances of the Devils staying in New Jersey
     improved with the team winning the Stanley Cup."  Whitman:
     "We can't let them leave, this is their home.  This is where
     they won the Cup.  New Jersey's Cup. ... I'd like to get
     this settled" (AP/Minneapolis STAR-TRIBUNE, 6/26).
          COMMISSIONER'S CORNER:  Bettman gave Jersey fans hope
     that an agreement between McMullen and the NJSEA could be
     reached.  Bettman: "I don't think (New Jersey) has to match
     (Nashville's offer) dollar for dollar" (WFAN/N.Y. DAILY
     NEWS, 6/25).  In Sunday's DALLAS MORNING NEWS, Bettman
     paints a less-promising picture:  "They may move and they
     may not move, I don't know.  If you put a gun to my head I
     couldn't tell you.  (But) when you have nine pro teams in
     one market, three in one sport, that can present problems.
     That doesn't mean you have to move a team.  But it means if
     you ignore problems, you are ordaining that a team has to
     move" (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 6/25).  Bettman was verbally
     abused by Jersey fans Saturday during an between-periods
     interview on Fox.  Later, Fox's John Davidson called those
     fans "misinformed."  Davidson said it was between McMullen
     and the state and the NJSEA "to make the agreement work.  It
     has nothing to do with the Commissioner forcing a move --
     he's just trying to do the right thing."  The interview was
     preempted in at least one Fox market, as DC's WTTG broke
     away to local news ("Stanley Cup Finals," Fox, 6/24).
          RATINGS WINNER:  The Devils scored a 10.6 overnight
     rating for Game 4 in New York, compared with the Rangers 4.4
     for their Eastern Semifinal matchup with the Flyers May 21.
     Game 4's ratings were also up 43% percent in New York from
     Fox's 7.4 for Game 1 (Larry Brooks, N.Y. POST, 6/26).