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     Local officials and Oakland Coliseum execs "all but opened
the champagne" yesterday in anticipation of today's agreement to
have the Raiders return to the Bay Area, according to David Li of
the OAKLAND TRIBUNE.  The Oakland Coliseum Board of Directors is
scheduled to meet today to "consider a lease" for the Raiders and
give board President George Vukasin the power to sign a deal with
Al Davis (OAKLAND TRIBUNE, 6/23).  Vukasin will "prepare
documents" at the meeting, to which Davis is expected to "add his
signature" via fax.  Oakland City Councilman Dick Spees:  "We
expect a letter of intent will be faxed up to us, but it's not
done until it's done.  We've dealt with Al before" (Plaschke &
Springer, L.A. TIMES, 6/23).  Vukasin told the SAN FRANCISCO
CHRONICLE that the Raiders "have agreed to sign the deal."  The
package would require approval from the City Council and the
Alameda County Board of Supervisors -- both of which plan to meet
Tuesday (S.F. CHRONICLE, 6/23).  Don Peratta, a former Alameda
County Supervisor who has been negotiating with Davis:  "There
would have been no meeting unless Al Davis said 'I'm coming
back'" ("Sports Tonight," CNN, 6/22).  In S.F., Glenn Dickey
writes, "For 14 years, East Bay fans pursued the dream, the
return of the Raiders.  Now the dream is about to become a
reality.  I hope it doesn't turn into a nightmare" (S.F.
          WHAT'S IN IT FOR AL:  According to the OAKLAND TRIBUNE,
     Davis can look forward to the following "cut" of football
     revenues from home games at the Oakland Coliseum:  1) Half
     of all parking revenues; 2) half of all concessions sold on
     Coliseum Grounds; 3) all luxury seating revenue; 4) half of
     any money earned from selling the Coliseum's name to a
     corporate sponsor.  The A's, who play at the Coliseum, would
     continue to get all revenues from advertising inside the
     stadium (David Li, OAKLAND TRIBUNE, 6/23).
          NET LOSS FOR THE NETS?  In San Francisco, C.W. Nevius
     writes, "Although they will miss having a presence in Los
     Angeles, NBC officials are quietly clicking their heels at
     the prospect of the revived Oakland Raiders.  The bonus is,
     NBC finally will get to show some Raider games in Los
     Angeles" (SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, 6/23).  In L.A., Larry
     Stewart reports, "Gone with the Raiders would be blackouts
     and doubleheader restrictions" (L.A. TIMES, 6/23).  Former
     NBC analyst Merlin Olsen:  "I've got to believe that at NBC
     and Fox, there are people right now saying 'My God, what do
     we do next?'" ("Entertainment Tonight," 6/23).
          WHO FILLS THE L.A. MARKET?  In Orange County, Michele
     Himmelberg reports that the Cardinals are "publicly
     dissatisfied with their stadium, making them one of at least
     a dozen candidates for transfer to Southern California"
     (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 6/23).  In L.A., Mike Penner
     writes, "Orange County grits its teeth through 15 years of
     Georgia Frontiere -- sometimes referred to as 'the female
     Bill Bidwill' -- and once she's finally out the door, here
     comes the real thing" (L.A. TIMES, 6/23).  Today's Baltimore
     SUN reports the Cincinnati officials believe they have a
     deal with the Bengals and that they will not be moving
     (Baltimore SUN, 6/23).