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Volume 24 No. 115
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     Republican legislative leaders said one of the reasons they
do not want to take up a Milwaukee stadium financing package now
is the Brewers' "poor win-loss record," writes Amy Rinard in this
morning's MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL.  Senate Majority Leader
Michael Ellis:  "Wrapping old cheese in a new box is still old
cheese."  WI Gov. Tommy Thompson has proposed taking up the
matter after the state budget bill is approved in early July.
Assembly Speaker David Prosser:  "If they won six games in a row,
I'd say let's have a special session right away."  Stadium Task
Force Chair Robert Kahlor said it would be "very unfortunate" if
legislators only looked at the team's won-loss record.  Kahlor:
"We're probably not going to get a competitive team until we get
a new stadium."  Rinard notes Ellis is opposed to state funds
going to the effort, but would be willing to authorize the City
of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County to levy local taxes.  Ellis:
"We are not going to build a stadium for Bud Selig using state
dollars" (Amy Rinard, MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 6/15).