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Volume 24 No. 117

Leagues Governing Bodies

     Within the next month, MLB is expected to announce Coors
Field as its site for the '98 All-Star Game (USA TODAY,
5/26)....Visions USA has been "drafted" by the Negro Leagues
Baseball Museum in Kansas City, MO, to produce a three-day
celebration in October honoring the 75th anniversary of the
leagues' founding (ADWEEK, 5/22)....At least half of MLB owners
"are in favor of an in-house, revenue-sharing plan that does not
include concessions from the union," according to Hal Bodley in
this morning's USA TODAY.  This will be discussed when owners
meet June 5-8 to "map strategy" for talk on a new CBA (USA TODAY,

     IHL Commissioner Bob Ufer said his league has a "tremendous
interest" in Canada and wants to establish a "Canadian Conference
anchored by a franchise in Toronto," according to this morning's
Toronto GLOBE & MAIL.  Ufer's remarks seem to contradict "earlier
reports that stated the IHL, in awarding franchises, would reject
a Canadian city with a population under 700,000."  William
Houston writes that the IHL "could be the salvation for Canadian
markets, such as Quebec, which cannot support" NHL teams.  Ufer
sees other potential cities in Saskatoon, and "perhaps Hamilton"
(Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 5/26).  Richard Adler, Co-Owner and
President of the IHL Atlanta Knights said an NHL team in Atlanta
would not force them to leave.  Although the Knights loses their
hockey "exclusivity" in the Omni after '95-96, the team has a
lease to play there through '96-97.  But Adler said sharing the
facility with an NHL team "doesn't work" (Tim Tucker, ATLANTA

     Eleven women were named yesterday to play for the U.S.
Women's National Basketball Team, "a $3 million experience to win
gold at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics."  The team will train
together for a year rather than the traditional three months
(Debbie Becker, USA TODAY, 5/26).  The team will be sponsored by
Champion Products, and marketed by the NBA.  In Philadelphia,
Diane Pucin writes on the pressure facing the team:  "No gold
medal and this will be a failure.  The sponsors will probably
never come back for another try, and even with a gold medal,
there's no guarantee that a professional league will follow"
     NEW LEAGUE:  "Another attempt at a women's professional
basketball league was launched" yesterday with the first full
season targeted for next year.  The Women's Major Basketball
League will be based in Nashville, and The Institute of
Professional Athletics will handle the initial stages of the
league's formation.  The WMBL plans exhibition games this fall