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     Aside from settling the Raiders situation, the NFL owners
also established a revenue-sharing system to help struggling
teams.  According to Will McDonough in today's BOSTON GLOBE, a
pool will be established so "financially strapped teams can apply
for money from a league committee."  The money will come from the
$20M the Rams are paying to move to St. Louis and from PSL's sold
in Jacksonville, St. Louis and Carolina (BOSTON GLOBE, 5/25).
Also, a portion of teams' gross from club seats will be pooled.
The NFL expects to generate a $72M pool over a four-year period
and distribute up to $3M per season to recipient clubs (John
Helyar, WALL STREET JOURNAL, 5/25).  The Lions, one of the NFL's
"least-profitable teams" due to their unfavorable lease at the
Pontiac Superdome, stand to gain $50,000-$3M under the new plan.
Lions COO Chuck Schmidt called the team's share a "drop in the
bucket," but said it was indication the league is doing "whatever
it can to keep the revenue gap from widening" (DETROIT FREE
PRESS, 5/25).