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Volume 24 No. 112
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     The recent McDonald's spots mixing NBA stars and Warner
Brothers characters is a "snapshot" of NBA Commissioner David
Stern's vision for the league.  In an interview in the latest
ADVERTISING AGE, Stern calls the McDonald's spots the "best-
crafted NBA (related) ad campaign I've ever seen.  And it might
give you an idea where we're headed."  Stern's "stated ambition"
is to make the NBA "a poor man's Disney" with the league is using
its basic format as a professional sports league "as a
springboard" to become a global provider of "entertainment
content," whether it be programming or licensed products.  Stern
has offered the services of NBA Entertainment, a "key element" of
his vision, to Hollywood studios to assist in developing
"basketball-themed movies"   -- including an upcoming Warner
Jordan-Bugs Bunny film.  Stern is also working toward
establishing an NBA site on the World Wide Web, and has had
"discussions" with Pacific Telesis and Bell Atlantic about
participating in video dialtone network tests.  All of this
outreach is geared toward "establishing the NBA as a global
brand."  Stern: "We're determined to make the NBA a global
marketing vehicle for global marketers" (Jeff Jensen, ADVERTISING
AGE, 5/22).
     FROM PHOENIX TO HOLLYWOOD?  One of the projects NBA
Entertainment is providing support for is the upcoming Disney
movie "Celtic Pride."  According to the BOSTON HERALD, Disney
officials are trying to sign Charles Barkley for the lead (Fee &
Raposa, BOSTON HERALD, 5/22).