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Volume 24 No. 115
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     Marketing representatives for WBO and IBF Lightweight
Champion Oscar De La Hoya believe the boxer has all the
ingredients to transcend the sport's "negative image" and become
a heavyweight in the sports marketing ring.  Fred Fried, Exec VP
of Integrated Sports International, which handles De La Hoya'
business interests, told THE SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY that De La
Hoya's "youth, looks, background and potential 'outweigh'" the
negatives associated with boxing.  Fried: "For a young man, he
has an awful lot to say.  He has some real deep roots in the Los
Angeles community and he's an Hispanic-American who bears a
responsibility for being one of the most visible members of his
community.  But, at the same time, he is in demand by a much
broader audience."  De La Hoya has established deals with Mennen
and B.U.M. Equipment.  Mennen originally wanted to sign him
solely for its Hispanic marketing efforts, but, according to
Fried, the company will use him for "general marketing programs."
Fried says De La Hoya is also involved in philanthropic efforts
dedicated to addressing the needs of the "sick and
underprivileged kids" in L.A. (THE DAILY).