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Volume 24 No. 156
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     Coca-Cola Co. and the Federal Trade Commission have settled
a nine-year dispute over Coca-Cola's proposed agreement to buy Dr
Pepper in 1986.  The FTC had ruled the purchase would violate
antitrust laws, and yesterday Coca-Cola agreed to give the agency
"notice before it buys another U.S. beverage company with sales
of more than 10 million cases."   The agreement reportedly "won't
affect Coca-Cola's plans to buy root beer maker Barq's Inc." and
analysts say the deal is a "victory for Coca-Cola because it
loosens previous FTC restriction and keeps Coca-Cola on the
playing field in the rapidly consolidating market."  But it could
put an end to one frequently circulated rumor -- that Coca-Cola
"might buy new soft drink giant Quaker Oats. Co., maker of
Gatorade and Snapple" (Chris Roush, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 5/19).