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Volume 24 No. 117

Facilities Venues

     The Coalition for the Convention Center Complex plans to
call for "unspecified fees or taxes" to be approved to help
finance construction of the megaplex, according to Richard
Kindleburger of the BOSTON GLOBE. Thomas Kershaw, founder of the
group, said a hotel tax increase is "likely" to be part of the
proposal.  Executive director of the Massachusetts Lodging
Association, Art Canter, said increasing the tax on hotel rooms
would "undermine the city's competitive position vs. other
cities."  But they will reserve judgement until the proposal is
public (Richard Kindleberger, BOSTON GLOBE, 5/18).
     MORE MEGAPLEX: Boston is a community that has grown
"spoiled" and faces "complacency" with the rich history and
cultural attractions of the city according to an editorial in the
BOSTON HERALD.  The megaplex stands as an opportunity to rectify
this and should not be passed up: "Rarely in its long and
extraordinary history has this community stood on the edge of so
much opportunity" (BOSTON HERALD, 5/18).

     Taxpayers in Atlanta and Fulton County "may have to pay as
much as $1 million this year because of the baseball strike's
lingering impact on attendance," according to today's ATLANTA
CONSTITUTION.  Due to poor attendance, the losses in operating
revenues at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium are already reportedly
at $500,000 and all losses to  the Atlanta-Fulton County
Recreation Authority that aren't covered must be made up by
Atlanta and Fulton County taxpayers.  The Authority owns and
operates the stadium (Hiskey and Pomerantz, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION,