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     "A major league beef could be brewing over a revenue-sharing
plan" that the NFL's owners will discuss during league meetings
later this month in Jacksonville, according to Will McDonough in
Sunday's BOSTON GLOBE.  McDonough writes that the plan has upset
many owners, including the Cowboys' Jerry Jones.  Jones, on
revenue sharing: "To me, I don't see how it can be done fairly.
Every team has its own problems and its own way of doing
business. ... Under the present plan, my team would pay money
while Leon Hess, who owns the Jets and has more money than I will
ever think of having, will be getting money from me.  Some of the
so-called low-gross teams are in markets like New York and Los
Angeles, and they would be getting money while teams like the
Cowboys and others at the top of the high end would be paying."
McDonough reports that "no team would be asked to pay more than
$3 million, and no team would receive more than $3 million."  The
plan would also take around $9M from the new premium seating
deals in Carolina, St. Louis and Jacksonville and $13M from "the
more successful financial teams" in the league (BOSTON GLOBE,