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Volume 24 No. 157
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     CBS golf analyst Ben Wright told the NEWS JOURNAL of
Wilmington, DE, that "lesbians in the sport hurt women's golf"
and that women's golfers are hurt by having breasts.  Wright told
the NEWS JOURNAL's Valerie Helmbreck that lesbianism on the LPGA
Tour "is not reticent.  It's paraded.  There's a defiance in them
in the last decade."  Wright was also quoted as saying:  "Women
are handicapped by having boobs.  It's not easy for them to keep
their left arm straight, and that's one of the tenets of the
game.  Their boobs get in the way."  LPGA Commissioner Charles
Mechem:  "I do not believe that lesbianism is a significant issue
for the LPGA or that it has impeded growth in the past or that it
will impede its growth in the future."  LPGA vet Amy Alcott:
"That's beating a dead dog.  It's a way for men to keep women in
their place. ... [The reality is] these people out here watching
the tournament don't care about what anyone else does in their
bedroom."  LPGA vet Nancy Lopez:  "He shouldn't say that unless
he has some facts."  LPGA golfer Lauri Merten called Wright "a
jerk":  "He should be fired" (Wilmington NEWS JOURNAL/USA TODAY,
5/12).  Wright is scheduled to work on CBS' coverage of the
McDonald's LPGA Championship in Wilmington this weekend.  CBS
Sports had no comment this morning (THE DAILY).