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Volume 24 No. 156
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     Reports yesterday that the Orange County Sports Association
(OCSA) is trying to replace the Freedom Bowl with another game
that would be called the "Big Orange Classic" has met objections
from the Orange Bowl in Miami, according to today's ORANGE COUNTY
REGISTER.  Orange Bowl President Don Kubit:  "I know we'd object.
We've been the Orange Bowl for 61 years."  OCSA Board President
Bob Hoyt and new OCSA Exec Dir Jerry McGee presented the NCAA
with a plan yesterday to have the game played this year.
However, if OCSA officials don't get a title sponsor, money from
the WAC and a TV contract, there won't be a bowl game in Anaheim
this year (Barbara Kingsley, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 5/11).  OCSA
board member Greg Nordbak:  "We need to start over.  We don't
want to appear like the brighter bolder Tide in the same box.  We
want it to be a new product."  Kingsley notes, however, that the
"new product could have a tough test run."  The WAC has a "verbal
agreement" to send its third-place team to the Freedom Bowl and
WAC officials "want the game to survive."  But WAC Commissioner
Karl Benson was "unsure how much WAC teams, and the conference,
would be willing to pay" (Barbara Kingsley, ORANGE COUNTY
REGISTER, 5/10).
     TERPS IN BALTIMORE?  The University of Maryland is
interested in playing football in Baltimore, as early as next
year.  Maryland AD Debbie Yow is reportedly interested in playing
at either Memorial Stadium or Camden Yards.  Although she has yet
to speak with officials who oversee the operation of the
facilities, she plans to do so this summer (Paul McMullen,
Baltimore SUN, 5/11).