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Volume 24 No. 117
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     The Spurs' DENNIS RODMAN is profiled as "Madonna's
Basketball Pal" in the May 15 issue of PEOPLE magazine.  Teammate
JACK HALEY on the Rodman-Madonna relationship: "It was pretty
heavy.  I heard her say several times she wanted to have babies
with Dennis.  She called him a 'perfect specimen.'"  Rodman, on
his marketability: "It's like I'm a MICHAEL JORDAN.  But I'm a
Michael Jordan on the flip side.  That's the way it is.  The NBA
don't want it, but they don't have any choice" (PEOPLE, 5/15
issue)....Suns VP & COO RICH DOZER is quoted in a piece on
franchise profitability in the current U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT.
Dozer says that there are four factors to profitability:  "smart
owners, strong management, a large market and a modern facility."
While any three will do, Dozer adds, "If you're weak in two or
three, then you're in trouble" (U.S. NEWS, 5/15 issue)....
MERRITT NORVELL appears to top the short list to become the AD at
Michigan State (DETROIT FREE PRESS, 5/10)....DAVE TWARDZIK has
been offered the job of GM for the Warriors.  He was Dir of
player Personnel for the Hornets (SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS,
5/10)....Penguins Owner HOWARD BALDWIN has a box office "bonanza"
on his hands with the upcoming release of "Sudden Death" (USA
TODAY, 5/10)....LPGA Commissioner CHARLIE MECHEM is profiled in
this morning's USA TODAY.  Mechem, who is is unsure of his plans
are after his 5-year term is up, was approached by a few LPGA
players about starting a sports marketing firm.  Mechem:  "I
didn't want to do that because I'd have to hire all those lawyers
and accountants" (USA TODAY, 5/10)....ESPN's Chris Mortenson
reports that AL DAVIS wants $20M from the NFL to "endure the pain
and suffering of playing in the L.A. Coliseum while a new stadium
is being built."  Mortenson says the league will address its
"L.A. problem" at its owners meetings later this month in
Jacksonville ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 5/9).