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Volume 24 No. 155
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     Yesterday's meeting between the Tampa Sports Authority and
architects from K.C.-based HOK made TSA officials believe that it
will take "some big bucks" to keep the Bucs from leaving town,
according to today's TAMPA TRIBUNE.  Estimates for a new stadium
run as high as $210M, while the cost of renovation was put at
$155M.  Citing "sticker shock," the TSA asked HOK to return next
week with a list of "cost-cutting ideas."  TSA Building Committee
Chair Steve Anderson, expressed "surprise" to HOK's estimates:
"They're much higher than I anticipated.  I don't think the
community could afford or is prepared to pay $210M" (Jim Kenyon,
TAMPA TRIBUNE, 5/10).  Although HOK officials "provided few
details" about why the estimates for renovation were so much
higher than expected, they did say that working with the
"constraints of the stadium's existing structure complicated
their job" (Danielson & Banks, ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, 5/10).